Human resource solutions for Ugandan football.

If you have watched the television series The Profit, Marcus Lemonis the TV billionaire has a slogan; People, Process and Product.

Those three P’s are the key indicators that he uses to analyze before deciding to invest in any business.

People are the most important asset to any organization.

The quality of the human resource is essential for efficient operation and necessary to obtain money which is the most sought-after resource for any football organization.

Football in Uganda has got a very huge human resources management challenge.

It’s one of the reasons why investing money in Ugandan football is equivalent to water draining in a sink.

The majority of football start-ups in Uganda close or change ownership within three years because the people managing most football investments can’t make football a profitable venture.

We lack the competence, passion, and creativity that are very huge factors in problem-solving, taking risks, goal orientation and commitment to take football to a professional level.

If Ugandan football is to progress and become professional then quality human resource management has to become a strategic priority.

How do we expect football clubs to understand their operating environment, have strategic plans, manage human resources, manage finances, manage marketing and have well-organized events yet we have a handful of competent individuals?

It would be easy for us to believe that the lack of competence is a general problem within Uganda but that is not true considering that the majority of the corporate companies have competent individuals.

They might not be owned by Ugandans but the majority of employees are Ugandans.

It would also be easy to suggest that football should start attracting competent individuals from the corporate sector but that is not financially sustainable at the moment.

Ugandan football’s biggest challenge in human resources management comes from the way we recruit and motivate individuals.

We call out to the general public then train and certify individuals who qualify to do football work based on their qualifications.

For a football administration and management course, whoever can afford will pay to study then on completion of the course they qualify to be employed as a football club official.

On being employed, they are paid a salary and expected to deliver results because we are still stuck in the era of believing that salary is a motivating factor.

That is how we end up having incompetent individuals serving football in Uganda.

The corporate companies that are worlds apart from football use a different method to recruit especially at entry-level.

They have designed a methodology in which they can tell who would be a competent employee if they were to be trained.

They conduct interviews to test the individual’s skills before training them to start working and training continues throughout your career.

They have very many methods used to motivate an individual.

They believe and practice the saying that, “you would rather train employees and they leave than not train employees and they stay.”

Is it possible for Ugandan football organizations to observe individuals that would be competent administrators then train them football management and administration?

When they are employed, is it possible to motivate them to be retained at the organization or within football?

It is possible to train them extra skills like service, first aid, communication, public speaking, etiquette, time management, conflict resolution, financial management, presentation, and emotional intelligence?

If we can answer yes to that then we shall have competent administrators that are committed to solving problems and serving football.